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Sport in Hong Kong

Sports in Hong Kong, as in other countries, are important part of the culture. Hong Kong, however, have a limited amount of resources. A balanced mix of eastern and western culture sports do exist in the territory.


is located today where the original location of ''"Victoria Recreation Club"'' stood in 1849 after having been in operation in since 1832. It is the first sporting club established in Hong Kong's history. The first sports involved were water sports such as .

The primary sport in Hong Kong has been football due mainly to British influence going as far back as the late 19th century. The first documented team came from the "Chinese Football Team" of 1904, which began as a club called the "South China Athletic Club" founded by Mok Hing The Hong Kong Government is also known for its proactive approach towards sporting events prior to the upcoming Beijing Olympics.


Hong Kong First Division Football League

In recent years, Hong Kong Football Association has been having trouble keeping ten professional teams in the Hong Kong First Division League. But for the 2008-09 season, 13 teams will compete.

Most of the Hong Kong First Division League matches are played at Mongkok Stadium and Hong Kong Stadium. In 2008-09 season, Tai Po Sports Ground and Shenzhen Stadium will also be used.

Hong Kong Marathon

The Hong Kong Marathon takes place every February and draws as many as 30,000 participants.

International sporting events

Asian Games

Hong Kong has been participating in the Asian Games since the . The most recent participation was the 2006 Asian Games.

Commonwealth Games

Hong Kong competed at the Commonwealth Games from 1934 until 1994 as a British colony . Over the years Team Hong Kong picked up a number of medals, including in Lawn Bowls.

Summer Olympics

Hong Kong has participated in all Summer Olympic Games since the in Helsinki, Finland. The first medal was won in the in Atlanta, US. Lee Lai Shan won gold in the women's mistral individual event in . Coincidentally, it was also the last medal won by Hong Kong as a British territory.

The territory participated under the new name and its new regional flag for the first time in the in Sydney, Australia. Hong Kong won its second ever Olympic medal in the in Athens, Greece where Hong Kong won silver in men's doubles event in table tennis.

The events of the 2008 Summer Olympics will be held in Hong Kong. This will mark the second time the same edition of the Olympic Games to be hosted by two National Olympic Committees, namely by that of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. It has been announced that the Hong Kong Sports Institute at Fo Tan, Sha Tin will be the site of the events.

Winter Olympics

Hong Kong participated its first Winter Olympic Games in the in Salt Lake City, USA. No medal were won at those games.

Hong Kong Sevens

The Hong Kong Sevens were established in 1976 and since held in March every year except for 1997 and 2005. As part of the IRB Sevens World Series in rugby union, the two-and-a-half-day event is a tournamnent participated by as many as 22 countries.

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